No. 8 – Website Update

Hi all,

My website has been updated. As you can see you can now easily follow me through social media.
There is a Tumblr feed which shows photo’s and pictures of things I’m doing and things I am inspired by.
Below the Tumblr feed you’ll find my twitter feed where you can read my latests posts.

A big thanks and shout-out to Stijn Deschuymer, for his great work on this website and all his help while developing it.
If you are looking for a web designer/developer, feel free to contact him through Facebook, or send me an email.

Feel free to stick around and check out my social media collection ;)



No. 7 – NUKE Debut EP

On the 13th of june, 2013, I released my EP. It has been a while now and I’m so grateful for all of the kind and exciting responses people gave me.

You can visit the label company website ‘www.boldunionrecords‘, which was developed by Stijn Deschuymer.
The website serves as a community for artists that share a platform online to connect with each other and to connect to their listeners.
More artists will soon be released.

For now, enjoy my Debut EP, which is co-produced and mixed by my friend SAN HOLO and mastered by Shawn Hatfield.
The photo for the cover was taken and edited by Raoul Koster.
The graphic design was created by Anne Dijkstra.



No. 6 – S∆N HOLO

Guys, check out this producer.
He is from a different planet. He made a mind blowing EP and it’s out now. For FREE! (but only for a couple of days, so be quick.)

I’m also happy to tell you that I did the vocals for one of his tracks, so check it out!

S∆N HOLO taking over the world, don’t miss it.



No. 5 – Picture perfect

Hey guys, apart from all the activities going on towards the making of this EP, there is a lot going through my mind as well. All day. Every day. Keeping me occupied.
At this moment I’m trying to do nothing. I’m forcing myself to do nothing. And I’m becoming pretty good at it I must say:) But it has not always been this way…

Looking back at my study career till now, I really sucked at doing nothing. I always wanted to spent my time useful. I was afraid of becoming a lazy person that was moving way too slow compared to everyone that was so extremely busy evolving, in my opinion. I thought that having a gig at least two times a week, rehearsing with bands for those gigs, going to bars till at least 4 in the morning for “networking” and to just be really cool doing all this, is what I had to do the evolve. And so I changed my very boring life, which only involved recording songs and making beats on my computer in my room when I wouldn’t have classes. So, I chose to try the lifestyle I thought would help me become a successful musician, a combination of an intense creative productivity and an active social life…

I believe that what somebody focuses on is very defining for the road he or she will be walking. But another very important thing, which I would often forget about, is health. You can put your focus anywhere you want, but if you don’t take care of yourself properly, you are not going anywhere. And that is when the shitty part of being a perfectionist becomes clear.
When I have a vision in my mind of how something should be, and it’s not yet as in the vision, I will go on until it is.
But the problem is, that in some cases it will never be like the vision, because what I have in mind is not always realistic. It’s usually something I saw or heard someone do or sing, which impresses me on such a level, that I start to strive for a way to give myself and others that feeling by something I would make or sing.

A lot of songs touch my soul because of the way I relate to them. I can better deal with emotional events in my life by knowing I am not the only one with those kind of feelings and some songs even tell me how to act to get through. I guess that’s what I call relating to music as a listener.
This standard I hold as a listener, however, has kept me from developing at maximum speed as a musician. Since I made my own music, it had to be on the same level of all those great inspiring songs to satisfy me. And I set the sights so high that I was almost never satisfied, and I didn’t share my creations. I kept most of my music to myself, at first unaware that something was missing.

But after some time confusion was creeping in my system. How could I go on with what I love to do when there was nothing to share, no audible result? My passion used to make me so happy that I was able to live without eating or sleeping, where did I go wrong?

Luckily my body stopped me before I went too far. I got Pfeiffer’s disease last year and had to take a few steps back. This was my wake up call; I had to go in a different direction. Because drinking whisky and staying up all week is not worth it when you actually do it to be a part of a certain crowd. It’s not healthy when you do it for fun either, but that’s another story.
The things I thought I would have to do to become a cool musician were making me sick. Literally. I had to learn there is no lifestyle that suits every musician.
Furthermore I have accepted that my own standard as a musician is just right, even as it is not the same as my standard as a listener. Even though it is exciting and a little bit scary every time I share my feelings through my music, it is the best I can do. It is an invitation for whoever listens to it, and you may enjoy or hate it. I like it anyway!

I believe I’m not the only one who’s insecure about how people see me and what they think of what I’m doing. I’m just not as insecure as I used to be anymore. Because I chose to set a goal for myself that’s realistic and that’s emphasizing me in every way that I am.

I accept the fact that I will always have my insecurities; I just choose to let them be less important. I have decided that I can trust on my ambition and my talent.



No. 4 – It’s EP time!

Hello there,

I’m very happy to tell you that I’m working on my first EP!
I’m co-producing this EP with Sander van Dijck, my good friend and an awesome producer.

All demo’s are done, and the final productions are being made now.
When they’re done, I will be recording vocals. And yes, I will be making my debut as a vocal producer, holler!
I’m very excited about this part of making the EP.

Another big part of this process involves the artwork.
I’ll be doing a photo-shoot and I’m checking out how I want the outside of this EP to look.
I’m very thankful for having so many creative and nice people around me. :)

When releasing the EP, I will also be launching my own label.
This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now, to really force myself into becoming an entrepreneur that’s able to deal with the music-industry.
You’ll be hearing more about the label once the EP is out!

The release date will be on the 16th of May. It’s going to be a digital release, so no fancy party or anything like that. I’ll save that for my album. ;)
I’ll keep you posted on what I’m doing, and I can’t wait to share my work with y’all!



No. 3 – The worst part of love

Inspired by love and lovers around me, I wrote a song about the feeling that I’ve experienced at a certain point in relationships. When times get rough, what do you do? I had absolutely no answer to that question for a very long time.
I still don’t.
I believe the message in the picture below brought me a little closer to the answer though.

Enjoy the song,